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Fuel management system with flow and tank level reading

Fuel management system with flow control and tank level reading

R2D Diesel Fuel management systems for Service Stations, Mines, Fleet Owners, Farmers, Motorists and Companies

The R2D diesel fuel management system is designed for use at companies diesel storage bins to automate diesel fuel logging and prevent diesel fuel theft. All the fuel level data is saved to a cloud server where diesel fuel reports regarding diesel usage and diesel dispensing reports can be viewed from anywhere in the world.  A very basic and easy to use fuel station management solution.

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Easy Reporting

From the online software a general dashboard overview of user and controller information is available below a map of the current live position of the controller. A controller can monitor up to three storage tanks with a simple representation of the live liquid level in each tank. The software platform offers an extensive range of services and reports to manage and control your liquid assets. Reports included are Tag Specific Reports, Tag Summary Reports, Fuel Add/Drop Report, Dispense Report, Fuel Level Report, Controller health report and many more.

r2d fuel report laptop
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Instant Notification

Setup the R2Dfuel controller to SMS nominated personnel with notifications specific to fuel drained from main tanks, fuel pumped outside of authorized time frames, fuel dispensed in excess of your chosen maximum volume, low level alarms, tank sensor cable detection, water detected in tanks and many more.