complete diesel fuel management solution

Fuel management solution that works

R2D diesel fuel management solutions have been optimising fuel control for companies during the past 10 years. The recipe is finally so precise and so easy to implement and use that a lot of companies are getting on board with getting a proper fuel management system to automate fuel reports and to prevent diesel theft by monitoring fuel levels in the bulk diesel tanks live every few minutes.

There are 3 main factors that make this one of the best fleet fuel management system on the market in South Africa currently and they are:

1. Flowmeter for diesel dispenced readings

An accurate flow meter, analogue to digital or digital can bring you very accurate fuel usage reports. The beauty of this system is that it can be installed on already standing fuel station sites. A bit of calibration of the digital flow meter and your pre-existing fuel site can be upgraded to a live monitoring fuel management system that not only notifies you once fuel theft occurs but can give you accurate fuel dispensing totals to your phone while you are not on site.

2. Diesel flow control with driver tags

Most of the fuel theft events happen while fuel is dispensed from the fuel pump to the vehicle and if there is no control in place to enforce vehicle/driver accountability then this is where fuel theft will occur the most. When fuel dispensing is only allowed once a driver or vehicle presents a TAG id, the relevant person can be held accountable for any theft or misdeed during the fueling event. Accountability is key!

3. Live fuel level monitoring

The bulk diesel tanks are a place targeted for easy fuel theft because a 100-litre drop out of a 18000-litre tank will not be noticeable with the naked eye but with a fuel level sensor you will not only be able to pick up those small margins in fuel, you will also trigger a theft notification to the relevant people on-site to catch thieves in the act of fuel theft