fuel management system website now launched

R2DFuel website and online store is now live

It has taken some time but the R2DFuel website is up and running with all the basic elements in place.

The website went live early in April 2021 and it shows what the fuel management product can do and how to setup this diesel theft prevention system so it best benefits your company’ cash flow and moving assets management. You can just go over to the HOME PAGE to start your tour of our little website. Everything is explained extremely well with nice illustrations on why you should use the R2DFuel diesel management system and you can even buy a bulk fuel management system directly from our online store

Fuel management products online store

We have made shopping for a bulk fuel tank management system very easily in a few ways.

In the case where you are not sure what you will need but you know you have to start monitoring your bulk fuel properly because you are getting a lot of fuel theft you simply go over to the BOOK A SITE INSPECTION section and fill in the relevant date that will be good for one of the team members to come out to your site and asses what you will need to start saving money with proper fuel management

If you are an avid DIY (do it yourself) electrician/installer and feel you have what is necessary to install a fuel management system on your own you can either BUY A KIT and install on your bulk fuel dispenser yourself or BUILD A KIT where you can choose the components you need to make your already installed bulk tank fuel pump work with our controller.

And if you already have our amazing diesel management system installed at one of your bulk fuel stations you can peruse THE SHOP to find the single components you want to get to upgrade your existing fuel management installation.

If you feel you need more information you can click in the top banner on REQUEST INFORMATION and there just type in your email and send and you will receive our latest brochure explaining everything in your inbox.

If there is anything else you need don’t hesitate to make contact with us.